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02.02.2015 New concept of universal batch mixer

Gericke, Regensdorf, Switzerland, has introduced the GBM (Gericke Batch Mixer), a single shaft paddle mixer delivering effective powder processing performance. Its design benefits from more than 100 years of mixing experience acquired by the Gericke Group. The GBM is offered at a very competitive price level, in a choice of sizes from 50 to 4400 litres of useful volume per batch. High production efficiency is the result of a short mixing time, which varies between 8 to 12 batches per hour, the complete de-agglomeration of lumps and easy cleaning features. 
The modular design allows the selection of one of three drive packages, allowing the user to adjust the power to the required product and process requirements, thus contributing to a reduced CO2 footprint. Liquids can be sprayed into the chamber and dispersed with the optional dispersion tool. In the company’s test centre customers are invited to perform comparisons between the GMS double shaft mixer and the GBM, as well as running the intended process as a continuous solution. The mixer is especially suitable for applications in the food processing industry (such as confectionery, seasonings or powdered drink production) as well as for speciality chemicals. 
The new Gericke Batch Mixer (GBM), a single-shaft paddle mixer, shown (right) with side door open

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