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02.02.2015 Hygienic and gentle pneumatic conveying of baby foods

NEU International Process, La Chapelle d’Armentières, France, has just completed installation of three new production lines dedicated to baby food for a leading manufacturer located in South East Asia. Health, safety and respect for product quality were key objectives throughout the implementation of this project. NEU dimensioned and installed three pulse-phase pneumatic conveying lines, each with a 1200kg/h flow rate. The well proven NEUPULSE technology respects product integrity and preserves product properties, guaranteeing constant quality of the baby food.
Sack dump stations of the latest NVS02 type were specifically designed to minimise product retention as well as to facilitate cleaning operations. They are equipped with automatic dust filtering systems, Type NFP06. This filter has been specially designed for high-hygiene zones and features a quick-opening door. Its design allows rapid daily replacement of filter bags, thereby optimising production times, while ensuring zero contamination of following batches after recipe changes. NEU’s project engineers and design teams paid particular attention to accessibility and cleanability of the installation. 
General view of the baby food conveying installation designed and installed by NEU International Process

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