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09.02.2015 Giant mixer destined for India

Gebr.Lödige Maschinenbau, Paderborn, Germany, has just built the largest mixer in the company’s 75 year history. With a total length of 11m and weighing approximately 60t, the unit is probably the largest horizontal mixer ever built anywhere in the world. The type KM 57.000 machine left the factory gates on 4th February en-route to an Indian steelworks where it will be used for mixing and granulation of sinter material employed in production of raw iron in blast furnaces. This process step will improve the homogeneity of sinter raw mixes which are composed of coarse and fine iron ore, limestone and further materials. The mixer is designed to process materials at rates up to 1350t/h. Retention time of the product in the drum is 90 seconds.
The machine will run in continuous operation day and night as fresh supply for the blast furnace must be ensured at all times. The split design of the mixing drum, which has a diameter of 3m and a length of 8m, facilitates rapid and easy maintenance arising from its heavy-duty workload. Maximum planned downtime will consequently be no more than one to two weeks a year.
The type KM 57.000 horizontal mixer at the Lödige factory awaiting shipment to India 

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