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16.02.2015 Expanded range of explosion venting panels

Elfab, North Shields, UK, reports that its non-fragmenting panel designs are now available with a multi- or single-skinned construction, across a wide range of standardised and customised shapes and sizes. Whether the panel is expected to offer vacuum resistance, function within different temperatures, or perform within a sanitary or arduous operating environment, the company works closely with customers to determine the right solution for each specific process condition.
Within its expanded range of explosion panel designs, Elfab manufactures every panel to open at a precise predetermined burst pressure, providing full venting in milliseconds. The range offers leak-tight and fail-safe operation, so a damaged or badly installed panel will always burst at a pressure equal to or lower than specified. The company’s ATEX-approved integral explosion panel burst detection system, Vent-Tel, can now also be retrofitted to its panel range to enable end-users to comply with industry recommendations. 

Elfab offers a variety of systems to safeguard silos from the effects of dust explosions


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