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16.03.2015 Dynamic image analysis: video shows how it works

Retsch Technology, Haan, Germany, has launched the fourth generation of its successful CAMSIZER® system for particle size and particle shape analysis. New features include an extended measurement range from 20µm to 30mm, faster cameras with higher resolution as well as a particle library for direct storage of individual particle images. The patented dual camera technology used by the CAMSIZER P4 and animations of the measurement procedure of dynamic image analysis are now presented in a new six-minute video. This not only explains the measurement technique and software features, such as the display of measurement results as 3D scatter plots, but also shows a variety of application areas as well as optional usage with an auto-sampler and a process-line version.
CAMSIZER P4 is claimed to be the superior alternative to laser diffraction and sieve analysis. According to Retsch, it not only provides much more accurate size measurement results but also additional information about the particle shape. The video can be watched at:
The CAMSIZER P4 video demonstrates the advantages of dynamic image analysis

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