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16.03.2015 Additional magnetic separators for Egyptian sugar producer

Master Magnets, Redditch, UK, has just supplied five ‘easy clean’ grid magnets to Dakahlia Sugar Company, Egypt. These incorporate magnet tubes that are fitted into an outer stainless steel tube frame. The inner magnet tubes can then be removed from the outer stainless steel tubes, releasing any ferrous debris adhering to the magnets so that it can be collected and disposed. In 2013 Master Magnets, working in association with its Egyptian agent Kemet Supplies & Trading, had supplied to the same customer two rare earth drawer grids, each with five banks of drawers, suitable for a 600x700mm wide duct. The original grids were simple magnets that are manually cleaned, once the individual magnet bars have become saturated with extracted ferrous. The drawers are easily removed by releasing the toggle catches and then sliding out the magnetic grid by hand. The ferrous is then manually wiped from the bars before placing the system back into the frame. The magnets were working so well that the time between each cleaning operation was too short and the factory needed additional magnets to remove even finer ferrous contaminants.
One of the new five-bank rare earth drawer grids supplied to Dakahlia Sugar, showing (right) the unit opened for cleaning

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