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16.03.2015 Virto/Cuccolini aims to become world No 1 in screening

 Virto Group, Reggio Emilia, Italy, has set itself the target of becoming the biggest and best separation technology company in the world. It is already one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of screening and separation equipment, producing up to 3500 vibrating sieves a year which are sold to more than 75 countries. It offers two distinctly different screening product lines: the Cuccolini range of single-frequency vibrating sieves/tumblers used for all standard  separation requirements; and ScreenX Multi-Frequency Vibrating (MFV) sieves which employ patented MFV technology, allowing them to achieve previously unattainable results with difficult materials such as gold powder, quartz sand, aluminium oxide and titanium.

In recent months the company has recruited additional senior staff, including: Simone Colombarini who joined last month from Oli Motors (part of WAMGROUP), having started his career at Ferrari; Asad Bilal who was appointed business development manager at the beginning of the year, having worked previously for competitive screener manufacturer Russell Finex; and Thorsten Thesenvitz who joined Virto in 2014 as sales network manager. Later this year the company plans to open a major new test facility in the USA.; 
Screening machines being assembled at Virto’s Reggio Emilia factory 

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