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23.03.2015 Intensive cooling and transit drying by vertical elevator

Safer-Tech, Barcelona, Spain, an agent for the novel US-designed Olds Elevator vertical bulk conveying system, has successfully developed a new application for this equipment, which consists essentially of a tubular casing with attached intake scoops rotating around a static screw. The client required a high-density bulk product which emerges from a manufacturing process at 100-120ºC to be cooled to 20-30ºC to allow it to be bagged.
For this task a specially adapted 8m tall Olds Elevator was chosen with a vertical conveying capacity of 12t/h. The system has been customised with the addition of a cold-water cooling hopper as well as a micro-perforated inner screw for injection of cooling air inside the elevator, specifically between the static screw and the rotating tube, in order to achieve the required cooling and drying of the material. Owing to the high density of the product it retains inner heat for a long time and the previously used air-cooling system proved inadequate. With the new system temperature of the material at the end of the elevation process can be reliably reduced to 20-25ºC. 
Part of the specially modified Olds Elevator

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