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30.03.2015 Magnet filter for food applications

Goudsmit Magnetic Systems, Aalst-Waalre, the Netherlands, has introduced an updated EHEDG magnet filter that has been specially developed for the food industry. The filter is composed of Neoflux® (Nd-Fe-B or rare-earth) magnets that provide for an efficient separation of minute iron particles from 5ųm , weak magnetic particles and even iron dust. It generates a magnetic field of a maximum of 10,700 Gauss (+/-5%) on the bars and removes the particles from powdered as well as liquid products. The entire system is made of stainless steel 316, smoothly finished (Ra≤0.8ųm), and complies with the HACCP/EHEDG norm, the highest standard in the field of food safety. 
The removal of the captured metal particles is achieved in three different ways: manually, whereby the operator can easily pull apart the magnetic bars covered by an extractor; manually + pneumatically, whereby the cleaning is done automatically and, according to the most recent method, pneumatically + CIP (cleaning in place), whereby in addition to cleaning also the rinsing of the magnetic bars is done automatically. The unit was exhibited at this year’s Anuga FoodTec. 
The EHEDG magnet filter from Goudsmit, shown dismantled and (right) assembled, complies with highest standards of food safety

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