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06.04.2015 Detecting metal in meat slurries and pastes

Bunting Magnetics Europe, Berkhamsted, UK, has launched the meatLINE™ metal separator to provide processors with a solution to the problem of metal contamination in meat slurries and pastes. This new series of electronic metal separators removes metallic contaminants from liquids, slurries and highly viscous foods automatically, without interruption to the process and can be applied to almost any vacuum filler with specific adapters.  The metal-free product passes through the detector and when a metallic contaminant is detected, identified by a change in the high frequency magnetic field, the contaminated material is rejected.
The reject time (i.e. the dwell time of the reject gate) is adjustable and can be extended by the pre-programmed time interval should several metal particles pass through within the given time frame.  After the metal particle has been successfully rejected, the gate returns automatically to the normal position. The meatLINE metal detector is capable of detecting ferrous metal, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass.  It has been approved by the British Retail Consortium, the SQF Institute and the International Food Standards (IFS). 
Bunting Magnetics’ meatLINE


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