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06.04.2015 Highly versatile oscillating sieve mill

Frewitt, Granges-Paccot, Switzerland, points out that its OscilloWitt rotating/oscillating sieve mill has already acquired a favourable reputation for gentle grinding of heat-sensitive products.  However, less well known is the fact that the machine is primarily a mobile unit of unparalled flexibility. Users have the option of docking the mill, which is mounted on a mobile lifter, anywhere in the production area. The device can be adjusted to the desired height with a touch of a button, easily integrating it into an existing or new system in an open or closed application.

The monobloc design of the grinding chamber without cracks and dead space ensures easy cleaning while also preventing product build-up in the milling process. The oscillations with slightly graduated rotation ensures that the rotor is used on all sides evenly, extending operating life. The monocast design helps ensure containment requirements to a level of OEB5 (< 1µg/m³). In this respect, the OscilloWitt protects the operator as well as the products being processed. The mobile, height adjustable design provides for a significant reduction in investment and production costs compared to conventional size reduction systems. 
OscilloWitt, showing (right) detail of the rotor; the machine will be featured by Frewitt at SOLIDS Basel and at ACHEMA

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