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13.04.2015 Next generation of rotary screw compressors unveiled at Hanover Fair

Kaeser Kompressoren, Coburg, Germany, chose the occasion of this year’s Hanover Fair to launch latest versions of its DSDX series rotary screw compressors which offer free air deliveries from 25 to 31m³/min. Together with a range of other enhancements, new Sigma compressor airends and IE4 motors now combine to deliver up to 5% improved specific power compared to previous models – which translates into significant energy cost savings. 
Sophisticated design and the proven 1:1 drive configuration combine to enhance the efficiency of these versatile compressors yet further. The compressor airends have been completely redesigned and now feature a refined Sigma profile design. This along with other improvements to details, such as a redesigned inlet valve and significantly reduced internal pressure losses, delivers improved specific power.
The new Super Premium Efficiency IE4 motors, said to be the most efficient currently available, also help to achieve this improvement and therefore enable peripheral losses in compressed air production to be reduced even further. Moreover, the electronic Thermo Management system controls oil temperature to ensure a safe and consistent differential from the dewpoint temperature. 
The new DSDX series rotary screw compressor

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