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13.04.2015 Effective handling of peanuts – whatever the requirements

Spiroflow, Clitheroe, UK – adopting specialist handling expertise developed by its US-based sister company – has announced the European introduction of an innovative conveying solution that effectively provides a total peanut handling system to food processors. Nuts and seeds can be very fragile and easily damaged during transport and production process. Bagged snack applications in particular require that the nuts remain whole during handling.
The company has pioneered two peanut handling solutions involving bespoke adaptations of its Cableflow™ cable drag conveyors and Aeroflow™aero-mechanical conveyors, depending on delivery speed and volume requirements. Peanut butter processing, for example, would be best served by the Aeroflow system which can convey at higher speeds of up to 10,000kg/h, both horizontally and vertically, with minor degradation. The Cableflow is better suited to applications that require whole nuts with virtually zero degradation. Either system can be used in conjunction with one or more of Spiroflow’s bulk bag dischargers to bring together not only the volume delivery of peanuts but also salt stabilisers and any other minor/major ingredients. 
Peanuts are usually blanched or roasted prior to processing and may be supplied with skins attached or removed. Spiroflow’s systems can handle the nuts in either state. 
A Cableflow conveyor, ideal for gentle handling of peanuts, at Spiroflow’s newly opened test plant

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