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20.04.2015 Giant bag filter system installed at steel foundry

Dustcheck, Stoke-on-Trent, UK, has completed a £250,000 contract to install its largest ever Maxibag tubular bag filter system at Goodwin Steel Castings, part of Goodwin International Group. The 8-metre square, triple chamber unit is fitted with over 1300m² of filter area and is being used to extract contaminated air and dust particles from up to three simultaneous thermal cutting booths. Total system capacity is over 76,000m³/h. 

David Vaughan, Goodwin’s engineering manager, said: “The system installed by Dustcheck uses a single, variable speed, floor-mounted fan unit which automatically adjusts fan speed depending on whether we are using one, two or all of our three thermal lance cutting booths. This gives great versatility and efficiency that was simply not available to us previously. Pete Dawson, sales director at Dustcheck, commented: “Although many customers associate Dustcheck with cartridge filter solutions, the Goodwin contract was an opportunity to demonstrate our expertise in bag filter applications too”. A video showing the Goodwin filter system being installed can be seen at 

Dustcheck’s largest ever Maxibag filter system at Goodwin Steel Castings

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