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27.04.2015 Chute magnet for animal feed protection

Goudsmit Magnetic Systems, Aalst-Waalre, the Netherlands, has developed a new type of magnetic separator that can be easily installed in existing free-fall or chute processes as commonly encountered, for example, in the animal feed industry. The unit consists of a powerful Neoflux® (Nd-Fe-B) plate magnet that is strong yet lightweight, a hinge on which the magnet hangs, a cleaning plate and a mounting plate. This provides a simple way of removing iron particles of approximately 60µm to 5mm in size from animal feed and other types of powder. Important aspects for attaining good separation are that the magnet make optimum contact with the product, is simple to clean and can also be easily integrated into existing production processes. The chute magnet has a fixed overall height but can be made to any width. For optimum separation a chute angle of no greater than 45° is required.

The new chute magnet will be exhibited at Victam in June (stand CO38). 
The Goudsmit chute magnet, showing (left) a typical location

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