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27.04.2015 Coffee transferred by tubular drag conveyor

Spiroflow, Clitheroe, UK, recently supplied a Cableflow® cable-driven tubular drag conveyor  to a leading British coffee supplier which packs instant, roast and ground coffee for most of the major national supermarkets. After conducting trials at Spiroflow’s test plant the customer installed a conveyor in Z-shaped configuration to maximise floor space at the plant. Whether handling powders, granules or whole coffee beans, Cableflow conveyors are capable of gently transferring delicate bulk products from single or multiple in-feed points to single or multiple discharge points without discernible damage. Manufactured in a choice of carbon or stainless steel, these conveyors have been developed from Spiroflow’s aero-mechanical conveyor range. In this respect they also enjoy the option of installing the patented DART (dynamic automatic rope tensioner) system for maximum rope life and minimum maintenance. 
Spiroflow after sales manager Jeannette Carter said: “Our customer wanted gentle, time-saving conveying equipment that would maximise production. The Cableflow conveyor has been designed with gentle handling in mind and has helped reduce manual handling and degradation of the product during the process.” 
Cableflow conveyor demonstration unit at Spiroflow’s test plant

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