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04.05.2015 New generation of fluid bed dryers

Imtech Ventilex, Heerde, the Netherlands, has introduced what it believes to be the next generation of drying technology in the form of its latest range of fluid bed dryers. Proved with customers worldwide, in markets ranging from minerals, to chemicals, to foods, the new fluid bed dryers have been designed to produce better quality products with exact control of temperature and moisture while minimising energy consumption. They have been developed to meet the demand for processing high quality products at high production rates with low energy and related production costs and low environmental impact.
Product is transported through the dryer by a gentle shaking motion.  The low frequency/high amplitude shaking ensures a uniform, step-by-step ‘plug flow’ movement through the dryer.  The low g-forces created by the unique shaking mechanism ensure minimal to negligible product deterioration, very low noise output, and significantly reduced foundation requirements. This latest innovation is said to guarantee the lowest energy consumption of any comparable drying technology. In will be exhibited at Achema (hall 5.1, stand E61). 
Latest fluid bed dryer from Imtech Ventilex

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