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04.05.2015 Giant pan conveyor will handle hot sinter material

Aumund Fördertechnik, Rheinberg, Germany, has won an order to supply its largest ever pan conveyor to the Japanese sintering plant of Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal. The customer is currently rebuilding the existing sintering plant where a high-performance system is to be installed for conveying sintering material at a temperature of 600°C with a capacity of 1480t/h - about three times the standard capacity of European plants. Delivery has been planned for end of 2015.  
For this project Aumund will supply a modified version of its type KZB-S 3000 conveyor, with a pan width of 3m. The deep drawn pan conveyor has been developed with very wide pans and special reinforcements for protection against wear caused by the extremely abrasive sinter material. Usually Aumund installs its deep drawn pan conveyors in cement plants. However, thanks to their robust construction, they have proved their worth for other applications, especially in the iron and steel industry. 
Japanese engineers inspect an Aumund KZB deep drawn pan conveyor

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