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11.05.2015 How integrated modular components can help avoid unnecessary interfaces

Continuing with the Industry 4.0 theme (see above), Haver & Boecker, Oelde, Germany, will be presenting at next month’s Achema Congress the advantages of modular plant engineering using an example from the petrochemical industry. The presentation “Minimising interfaces by designing integrated, modular components and processes” will be held in the room ‘Illusion I’ on Monday 15 June at 16:30. It will be delivered in English.
Reinhard Surmann, key account and area sales manager at Haver Chemicals, will explain why operators of modular facilities can respond flexibly to the most diverse requirements during the entire production process and can implement necessary changes in the production more quickly. In this respect, it is of fundamental importance to minimise interfaces. How this can be put into practice will be reviewed in the presentation. It will be demonstrated how automation technology takes on a special function with packing facilities which have a modular set-up. A process control system for operating, monitoring and controlling the production process assures that all steps are interlocked. 
Attendance is free and there is no need to pre-register, although Haver & Boecker would if possible like to be notified in advance by those wishing to attend (contact Christian Reinke, manager sales support: 
The presentation will explain how the different technologies of an entire packing line can be combined in a modular fashion – including (below) storage and onward distribution of bagged materials

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