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04.06.2012 Updated and upgraded laboratory mixers

The MAP® division of WAMGROUP, Ponte Motta, Cavezzo, Italy, has introduced improved versions of its MLH mixer series designed for laboratory product and process development, as well as for small-scale production. They have recently been re-engineered and modernised according to customers’ requirements, resulting in a new generation of laboratory mixers combining reliable mixing performance with improved ergonomic features.

The MLH is available in three sizes: 6, 12 and 30 litres, with a wide choice of options and accessories. These features, combined with themachine’s special design, make it a popular choice for a broad variety of products and
processes in virtually all industrial sectors and applications. MAP states that the unit matches market needs in terms of quality, maintenance, safety, environmental protection and price. Thanks to the use of tried and tested standard components, the company is able to offer an attractive price without compromising on quality.

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