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30.07.2012 First customer seminar at new food technology centre

Shortly after inaugurating the new food technology centre at its Rödemark, Germany, headquarters, Zeppelin eimelt held a two-day seminar 26-27 July at the facility on the subject of materials handling in the food industry. The 60 participants from Germany and other countries were given presentations on pneumatic conveying, mixing of bulk solids, continuous production of sourdough and dough, process control and batch tracing. In the test plant Zeppelin Reimelt engineers demonstrated dense phase trials up to distances of 320m with conveying vessel and rotary valve, precise dosing of batches using the recently acquired Kokeisl discharge and metering technology, container handling based on the ReciPure® concept and mixing. Dr Kruse, general sales manager, said that further seminars
would be held in the near future.

The Reimelt Food Technology division of Zeppelin Reimelt specialises in planning, development, construction and assembly of process systems for handling powders and liquid raw materials. The company, with technical experience dating back 130 years, operates worldwide within the following market sectors: fresh and extended-shelf-life baked goods, confectionery and sugar, finished mixes and baking additives, cereals, spices, baby foods and beverages.

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