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Focusing on European Bulk Processing
EuroBulkSystems is a dynamic bi-monthly publication, circulated to over 9000 readers - primarily users of bulk processing systems - throughout Europe. The magazine reports on the handling, processing and distribution of powders, granulates, flakes and pellets - as well as, to a lesser extent, liquids and pastes.

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2020 In-House Test Centre Supplement
To view the latest EuroBulkSystems supplement on In-House Test Centres for Precision Bulk Handling, Processing & Plant Safety (published in the January/February 2020 issue), click HERE


EuroBulkSystems November/December 2020 issue - Digital Version

In addition to its print version, Oakhill Media Ltd is pleased to announce that EuroBulkSystems can also be viewed in Digital Format. To view the latest issue, Click HERE.


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Assess, prevent, predict – saving money and energy
Gericke reports that with its extensive experience not only in powder processing but also automation and sensor integration, its systems allow for online access to sensors and analytics as well as direct diagnostics to assess the process and machine and associated maintenance planning.

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Online event tailored to a target group
BEUMER Group is organising an online event with live presentations and discussions over the course of four days (between 15 and 26March) in order to keep its customers up to date on product developments.

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Focus on plant-based foods/feeds
Coperion K-Tron recently appointed John Sheehy to the position of global key accounts manager - plant based foods.

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Rotary valve safeguards against toxic process gases
TBMA Europe reports that titanium dioxide can be produced in several ways. One of the methods uses chlorine gas.

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Webinar on hygienic food/feed packaging
Concetti is organising a live webinar this Thursday 25 February which will focus on food hygiene and ergonomic design of bag packaging systems for a range of powdered foodstuffs, including flour, food ingredients, supplements, starch, powdered milk, etc.

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Formation of BHS-Sonthofen Process Technology
BHS-Sonthofen has brought together its combined processing expertise in the fields of filtration, mixing, drying, granulation, sterilisation and reaction within its newly created Process Technology division.

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Spindle for rail valve
TBMA Europe in January supplied a client with a DG350 drop-through rotary valve with extra spindle.

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Ruth Metzler-Arnold resigns from Bühler Group board of directors
Bühler Holding AG announced that at the annual general shareholders’ meeting held on 11th February, Ruth Metzler-Arnold resigned as a member of the board of directors and chair of the audit committee.

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Flexible screw conveyor designed to withstand abrasion damage
Flexicon Europe has introduced a wear-resistant flexible screw conveyor with carbon steel conveyor tube, heavy-duty flexible screw, and heavy-gauge floor hopper and discharge housing, capable of moving crushed glass, garnet, aluminium oxide, silica sand, aggregate, cement and similar abrasive materials.

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Increased operational certainty during emergency shutdowns
Emerson recently introduced its ASCO™ 141 Series advanced redundant control system (ARCS) to provide a reliable solution for a variety of emergency shutdown valve applications.

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