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EuroBulkSystems is a dynamic bi-monthly publication, circulated to over 9000 readers - primarily users of bulk processing systems - throughout Europe. The magazine reports on the handling, processing and distribution of powders, granulates, flakes and pellets - as well as, to a lesser extent, liquids and pastes.

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Carbon steel flexible screw conveyor
Flexicon Europe has introduced a new base model 1450 flexible screw conveyor with a polymer conveyor tube of 115mm outer diameter and low-cost carbon steel floor hopper and discharge housing.

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Wood pellets packed in paper sacks
Concetti recently supplied an IGF 600 automatic bagging machine to Naturpellet, the leading Spanish producer of quality wood pellets derived from 100% debarked pine uncontaminated by additives or chemical binders.

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Novel conveyor belt skirting concept
ScrapeTec Trading has launched the contact-free AirScrape® conveyor belt skirting system, which has been designed to significantly reduce material spillage, dust formation and explosion hazards at transfer points and other critical sections in the conveyor chain.

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Pandemic drives surge in snack food consumption
Spiroflow reports that it has recently experienced an increase in orders for snack food processing equipment from both its UK and US manufacturing plants.

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Biomass handling in Japan
AUMUND Holding BV reports that the company has successfully managed to penetrate the Japanese biomass handling market.

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Continuous conveying and dosing of powders
Dec Group reports growing success with its patented PFL Powderflex for applications involving continuous conveying and precise dosing of small to medium quantities of powder.

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Bag emptying system ensures higher product safety and efficiency
GEA has introduced the HYGiTip bag emptying system which has been designed to safely and efficiently open and discharge 25kg bags of powdered ingredients into food production lines automatically, without operator involvement, thereby minimising contamination risks and virtually eliminating powder waste.

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Localised dust extraction for sack tip station
Farleygreene has launched a localised dust extraction system (LDEE) which works in conjunction with its Sievmaster Easilift sack tip sieve.

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Load cells with continuous condition monitoring
Mettler Toledo points out that process engineers working with bulk materials, in food, chemical or pharmaceutical production, are constantly striving for enhanced productivity in their processes.

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Giant magnet for Finnish goldmine
Bunting has won an order to supply a large electro overband magnet to a gold mine in northern Finland.

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