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2024 Advertising Rates and Editorial Programme


 The 2024 EuroBulkSystems Media File includes information about: 


  • Editorial Programme for 2024
  • Advertising Rates
  • Website Banner Rates
  • Circulation
  • Bonus Distribution at Industry Events


Click HERE to download the Advertising Rates in Euros

Click HERE to download the Advertising Rates in Sterling

Click HERE to download the Advertising Rates in US Dollars


NB: Because EuroBulkSystems is tabloid format, all advertisement sizes are A3. Consequently, they are much larger than A4-size advertisements. For example: with us a Junior Page is the same size as an A4 Full Page; Horizontal or Vertical Quarter Pages are the same size as A4 Half Pages (we also offer two other A3 quarter page sizes); and an Eighth Page is the same size as an A4 Quarter Page.

The cost of display advertising in EuroBulkSystems compares very favourably size-for-size with that of advertising in most competitive publications.


Further information from Patrick Hicks



EuroBulkSystems offers advertisers the following advantages over most competitive publications:  


  • A far larger readership in Europe (including eastern bordering countries such as Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine and Turkey)
  • A more targeted readership
  • Better value in terms of cost per 1000 readers
  • Lively, informative editorial helps ensure EuroBulkSystems is read thoroughly and attentively; consequently advertisements are noticed and appraised
  • All advertising, with the exception of the outside back cover, faces editorial
  • No extra charge for colour advertisements
  • We provide an advertising design service free of charge
  • Readers* of the EBS News weekly online newsletter can now also access the digital version of EuroBulkSystems magazine (see Homepage). This means that display advertisements published in the magazine can additionally be viewed by all readers of EBS News, significantly  extending the exposure of all display advertisements to an even larger specialist audience. Readers of the digital version of EuroBulkSystems can also be linked directly to an advertiser's website simply by clicking on any display advertisement shown in the digital version.

(* Although most readers of the EBS News online newsletter also receive regular copies of EuroBulkSystems magazine, many do not. The two information sources - one online and the other print - have over the years developed seperate readerships, a divergence which is continuing.) 


All advertisers benefit from a complimentary logo on the popular home page for a minimum period of two months (longer for a series of advertisements); during this time the logo remains hyperlinked to the advertiser’s own website.