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01.04.2019 Easy-clean bullet magnet

Greenwood Magnetics, Rochdale, Lancashire, UK, will be launching a new easy-clean bullet magnet on Stand 3-638 at POWTECH. It is of similar design to the company’s standard bullet magnet which is designed to extract ferrous metal contamination from either gravity fed or pneumatic pipelines. The easy-clean version is normally fitted vertically or horizontally in pneumatic process lines or intake lines for high-velocity transfer of powders and other free flowing ingredients.

Every unit is bespoke and each is purpose-designed to be incorporated at the most efficient points in a process, with minimal reverse engineering. Since these magnets need to be cleaned regularly to maintain their efficiency, the easy-clean facility makes this task much simpler and faster for the operator. It also offers health and safety benefits by reducing risk of cuts and abrasions when manually removing sharp metal fragments from the powerful internal magnet.



Greenwood Magnetics’ new bullet magnet design showing easy-clean technology

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