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05.08.2019 Montoni integrated within Pavan’s umbrella brand

GEC, Düsseldorf, Germany, reports that from September 2019 the Montoni range of dies, extrusion moulds and cutting systems, will continue its operations within the dies and moulds business line under the umbrella brand of Pavan. In 1989, the Pavan Group acquired Montoni based on their already strong partnership and given that dies represent a strategically important sector of the pasta industry. Following the acquisition of the Pavan Group by the world's leading technology group GEA in November 2017, the Pavan sub-brands will now be gradually integrated into GEA's brand architecture.

“Now as part of the larger GEA Group, the dies and moulds business line is able to leverage the benefits of working within a more global context. Under the Pavan umbrella brand, Montoni can continue but with even greater flexibility and know-how while upholding the quality standards that have made it successful for so many years,” explained Keimpe van der Hoeven, managing director of Pavan Group.

Montoni was established in 1924 in Pistoia, Italy. At that time, dies were made of copper, chosen for its malleability, out of which shapes were stamped. In the 1960s, die manufacturing drastically changed with the introduction of interchangeable inserts. The strong focus on quality has made Montoni technology extremely successful over the years. “Our products are positioned at the top of the category in terms of quality, thanks to our modern software and manufacturing equipment,” said Simone Del Tongo, sales director of the dies and moulds business line. In fact, the current production area consists of fully automated machines working 24/7 – unmanned – resulting in products of high precision and quality of finish. “We currently serve more than 200 pasta plants in 75 different countries,” added Del Tongo.

During the last few years, the most important developments included the complete overhaul of the die washing machines and the new RotoPennaut penne cutting unit. Die washing machines now deliver increased washing and water recycling efficiency.;

Pavan die-washing machine for rectangular or circular dry pasta dies  

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