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02.09.2019 Spark detector

StuvEx International, Kontich, Belgium, has launched its PSD3-D infrared spark detector which works by detecting the infrared energy created by embers, sparks and flames in pipelines and other parts of a process system.

Once the problem has been detected it is vital that the process be shut down as quickly as possible. With the StuvEx PSD3-D installed this is precisely what will happen.  It will stop the process by activating isolation equipment such as fast-closing valves or triggering extinguishing systems, or a combination of these.

The principal advantage of the PSD3-D is that it does not require a separate control unit. It can either be used in isolation to shut the process down or as part of a much larger factory explosion protection system.

StuvEx’s UK office reports that the PSD3-D has been designed to be installed within pneumatic and mechanical conveying systems, dryers, mills, filters and cyclones. It is ATEX certified and is said to be competitively priced.



StuvEx’s PSD3-D infrared spark detector

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