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23.09.2019 Arched plate conveyors find favour in Poland

AUMUND Fördertechnik, Rheinberg, Germany, has in recent years supplied several arched plate conveyors (APCs) to customers in Poland. In 2015 Cementownia Warta was the first Polish company to make the decision to install an AUMUND APC, for hopper discharge of clinker and sticky raw materials such as natural gypsum. Just one year later the German engineering firm supplied a further APC to the Warta plant in Dzialoszyn to feed limestone to the crusher at a conveying capacity of 1500t/h. In 2017 Budkrusz ordered a heavy-duty APC type BPB-SF for the project at Transkom, also for limestone but with a capacity of 750t/h. The following year another heavy-duty AUMUND APC was supplied to Poland, to Zaklady Wapiennicze Lhoist for its Tarnow Opolski plant, with a conveying capacity of 1000t/h of limestone.      

AUMUND’s APC is primarily used for sticky raw materials such as gypsum, anhydrite, clay and marl-clay mixtures. Its construction is of arched plates which overlap to create a rounded surface at the chain wheel in the discharge area. A cleaning scraper can be installed here in order to remove sticky material from the plates. A drive unit combined with a frequency converter allows the speed of the conveyor to be regulated, to achieve the conveying capacity at a defined velocity.

Heavy-duty APCs of the type BPB-SF are primarily arranged under tipping stations, and convey uncrushed raw materials with lump sizes of up to 1500mm, to the crushing plant. The track chains have breaking loads of up to 2 x 4200kN.

The BPB-SF design features heavy-duty, fixed, slide-bearing rollers, as used in crawler undercarriages, which are arranged underneath the track chains. In addition, AUMUND APCs are supplied with a spillage conveyor to remove fines without the need for manual cleaning.


AUMUND arched plate conveyor, type BPB-SF, in heavy-duty design installed in Poland

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