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06.01.2020 Sieve magnets

Eclipse Magnetics, Sheffield, UK, is now offering a full range of ATEX certified sieve magnets to ensure product purity in the food industry. Easy to install, the sieve magnet is fabricated from stainless steel which is fully compatible with industry standard and leading manufacturers of vibratory sieves such as Russell Finex’s Compact and Farleygreene’s Sievemaster, both made in the UK.

Typically positioned beneath the sieve screen in food processing applications including dry powders and granulates, Eclipse sieve magnets allow excellent separation to be achieved. Owing to the high intensity magnetic field, even submicron sized ferrous metal and paramagnetic contamination can be successfully attracted and removed.

Martyn Cotterill, general sales manager for Eclipse Magnetics said: “Ensuring product quality and purity is one of the greatest challenges faced by the processing industries. Our sieve magnets have a worldwide proven reputation in the food industry, ensuring protection against ferrous contamination, and maintaining efficiency and productivity within the production process. As experts in magnetic technology, we have a highly efficient manufacturing process in place to meet high demand, and are therefore able to offer sieves at an extremely competitive price, providing customers with significant cost savings.”

Available in 7000 and 11,000 Gauss on product contact surface, the units are also available with metal detectable screen seals to meet audit requirements, and are available in a variety of sizes.


The Eclipse magnet is normally fitted immediately below the sieve screen

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