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03.02.2020 Tare-compensated loss-in-weight feeder

Gericke, Regensdorf, Switzerland, has introduced the DIW-E-STAR weighing system which has been designed to operate in conjunction with the company’s GAC feeders. These tare-compensated hybrid loss-in-weight feeders are well known for their unique combination of high accuracy feeding and outstanding robustness. The new DIW-E-STAR weighing system in conjunction with Gericke’s GAC feeders now covers the mid-range of feed rates in Gericke’s gravimetric hybrid feeder portfolio, typically from 10 up to 2000kg/h (depending on bulk density).  

The DIW-E-STAR is available with hopper sizes ranging from 50 to 200 litres net volume. Thanks to a modular concept, all hopper sizes fit into one weighing frame. All hoppers are equipped with vertical agitators to ensure mass flow even for cohesive powders. The weighing frame itself has been designed to combine highest mechanical stability with a lightweight construction.

The tare-compensation mechanism ensures that the load cell only measures the actual product weight, and vibrations are filtered out mechanically before even reaching the load cell. This makes the DIW-E-STAR perfectly suited for dosing tasks where precise feeding in challenging production environments is required, such as in the chemical and construction materials industry.

Gericke’s DIW-E-STAR feeder























Below: DIW-E-STAR tare-compensation system

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