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11.05.2020 Digital home edition of REMBE Safety Days

REMBE GmbH Safety + Control, Brilon, Germany – the internationally respected explosion protection specialist – will this year present its popular ‘Safety Days’ via video conference on account of the difficulties arising from Covid-19.

The company has launched the ‘REMBE Safety Days - Digital Home Edition’ to enable experts to continue to exchange their experience in the field of safety technology. “We are proud to be able to provide a platform like this,” said Claire Lloyd, European team leader process safety and one of the speakers at the digital event. The presentations are aimed at operators, planners, technicians, engineers, maintenance personnel, safety officers, experts and inspectors in monitoring organisations.

Once a week, every Wednesday from 1:15pm, a 45-minute presentation from the REMBE Safety Days - Digital Home Edition will take place on a wide range of topics relating to explosion safety and process safety. As the participants have always been an international audience, there will be both German and English presentations. The overview of all of the presentations, taking place between early May and mid-June, can be found at:

Those interested in participating in one or more of the presentations from the REMBE Safety Days - Digital Home Edition, are invited to register at or via the form on the website shown above.

Last year’s REMBE Safety Days, which attracted 150 participants, took place in November

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