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05.11.2012 Second high-accuracy bagging system for Devenish Nutrition

Closely following on from a successful project earlier in the year, Chronos BTH has secured a second order from Devenish Nutrition for a precision automatic packing system for its Belfast, Northern Ireland, specialist animal feed production facility. This latest packing line will be a mirror image of the one previously supplied. The new single head packing systems will upgrade the facility’s current manual packing arrangement. Using Chronos BTH’s innovative bottom-up filling technology, it will ensure hygienic and accurate filling of the high-value feed supplements.
Notable features of the OML-1030BF bagging system include: a special servo-controlled dosing tube for enhanced accuracy; top air de-aeration of the filled bags for optimum filled bag utilisation; and an integral sewing machine/crape tape applicator for reliable bag sealing. An automatic product sampler and an integral label printer/applicator will also be supplied.
“The high filling accuracies, coupled with the proven and reliable operating design of the filling system were all key factors in deciding to place the order with Chronos BTH,” commented Dermot O’Brien of Devenish Nutrition.




Chronos BTH OML-1030BF

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