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29.06.2020 Single machine can lift, tip, move and stack bulk containers

Fronteq (Frontier Equipment and Consulting Services), Port Elizabeth, South Africa, has launched a new product designed to move, lift, stack and turn containers which significantly helps promote the concept of containerised transport of bulk material. Designed by Dr Ing Gianguido Corvi for Robert Huthloff (formerly MAFO, FSH and CES in Germany), the Revolution Container Loader & Mover is a straddle carrier equipped with a tilting spreader for 20-40ft containers.

The defining feature which sets it apart from competitive machines is its capability to upend full containers to a maximum 90° to allow vertical loading and unloading of bulk material. Benefits of this include increased efficiency, productivity, storage capacity and reduced pollution. Key markets include agriculture, mining, recycling, chemicals, food or plastics to name just a few. Fronteq has been appointed international sales agent.

Founded by Nicolas Huthloff, Fronteq acts as intermediary between sellers and buyers of equipment for the logistics and port industries. This mainly involves preowned equipment such as reach stackers, high capacity forklifts, straddle carriers, rail (road) shunting equipment, sidelifters, etc. Through its international network and backed with 20 years of experience, the company can support operators in identifying and sourcing the right machine for a specific application. In addition Fronteq offers consulting services in sales and marketing to manufacturers wanting to expand or create a sales network. In addition it has various international partners which can offer consulting services in logistics.


The Revolution Container Loader & Mover can place a container vertically to facilitate bulk filling; stack containers horizontally; and tilt containers for gravity bulk discharge

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