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28.09.2020 Sustainable design of plastic packaging

plastship, Waldems, Germany – a platform for the procurement and quality assurance of recycled plastics – and RecyClass, an initiative to improve the recyclability of packaging, are now operating in close association. As a result, manufacturers and distributors of plastic packaging can meet the growing consumer demand for more sustainability by using RecyClass, an evaluation standard for recyclability developed from the perspective of European plastics recyclers. As a certification body, plastship evaluates and certifies the recyclability of plastic packaging based on the RecyClass method and supports brands and manufacturers in the design of recyclable packaging solutions. For consumers, easily recyclable packaging can be labelled. The result is the classification in a recyclability class (A to F) by certificate, a result report and a logo including certificate number.

Andreas Bastian, founder and managing director of plastship, said: "When I buy a product, I want its packaging to be recycled. However, up to now I as a customer cannot really tell if a packaging is recycled, and if so, how well. For commercial or private end users, the question of recyclability refers directly to the input quality in recycling. If this improves, the quality of recycled plastics will also improve. This, in turn, determines, if legally possible, their possible uses in new applications. In order to approach the issue of sustainability as a brand, ensuring that the used packaging arrives in the recycling process as a high-quality resource and promotes circular economy is therefore a good first step.";;


plastship and RecyClass together provide an answer to the question: To what extent is plastic packaging suitable for recycling?

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