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28.09.2020 GEA opens new pet food R&D centre

GEA, Düsseldorf, Germany, has recently inaugurated its new Pet Food Experience Center (PEX) in Italy. The role of the new facility is to drive innovation in cooperation with customers and industry partners and to function as a means of sharing latest know-how, where partners can anticipate a high level of technological development support.

Situated in Galliera Veneta, the new facility is adjacent to the GEA Pavan headquarters where a modern production facility with 400 employees design and build production lines for fresh and dry pasta, snacks, breakfast cereals, extruded products and pet food. The GEA Pavan Pasta & Snack Tech Center with three pilot plants and four flexible production lines for analysing new products under all parameters has been at this location for many years.

The new 1000sqm facility is home to a team of 30 employees, including process technicians, analysts and mechanics who now have at their disposal a new pilot plant for developing new products as well as a well-equipped laboratory. Pet food customers are increasingly looking for products that mirror those available to humans, not only from a nutritional and production quality standpoint, but also in terms of the variety of formats. Thanks to its long history and experience in
developing food processing technologies, GEA can offer advanced solutions that are capable of setting new standards in the market.

GEA offers complete solutions to produce dry food of the highest quality for dogs and cats. GEA understands this market is changing and diversifying rapidly, which is why the company offers customized process solutions for fresh meat inclusion, grain-free formulations and alternative protein sources, including equipment for snacks and treats production. The offer includes designing and implementing these solutions to meet specific customer requirements – all followed up with professional service and support as required.


Innovative machines and systems from GEA produce dry pet food of the highest precision
and quality













The new Pet Food Experience Center is located adjacent to the GEA Pavan headquarters

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