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28.09.2020 Maintainance: incentive to use original replacement parts and on-site analysis

HAVER & BOECKER, Machinery Division, Oelde, Germany, offers its customers a wide range of service programmes for maintaining their packaging lines. The company stresses that the best protection against unexpected downtime is to ensure regular maintenance of all components. With on-site spare parts analysis, a service technician specifies which spare parts need to be replaced over the short or long term, as wear and tear become apparent or, as experience shows, can occur after a certain period of operation. For this purpose, the technician inspects the entire packing system during operation and diagnoses which problems are currently present and which could potentially develop. This is followed by a closer look at the filling spouts and the bag applicating systems. The customer then receives a list of required spare parts along with a recommendation as to which parts should be kept in stock in order to minimise machinery downtime. These, for example, may include sliders, aeration nozzles or connector hoses that come into contact with the filled product and therefore are subject to greater wear and tear.

Rolf Vossloecker, a technician at HAVER & BOECKER for 25 years and a service engineer for five years, said: "When it comes to spare parts, the customer benefits from the expertise and experience of our employees. As trained mechanics, mechantronic experts or electricians, they know the machines down to the smallest detail and know where and under what conditions wear occurs. They look at the machine and its environment as a whole. In coordination with HAVER Service Support, the customer can book an onsite spare parts analysis for the purpose of preventive maintenance at any time”. To maintain warranty and the perfect operation of the entire line, HAVER & BOECKER recommends the exclusive use of original spare parts. "Parts from other suppliers are produced differently. While the original parts are designed according to the real machine blueprints and are therefore 100% compatible, copies may have the wrong dimensions or may not meet the material requirements. In addition, original spare parts are generally compatible for older models," explained Vossloecker.

Together with its technology subsidiaries, HAVER & BOECKER is currently offering a special end-of-year bonus: For all spare parts orders above €2500, every customer will receive a voucher of 8 per cent until end of October. The voucher can be redeemed against future orders for all products and services until end of 2021 for all eight group technologies: HAVER Niagara, IBAU HAMBURG, SOMMER, Feige FILLING, BEHN + BATES, HAVER & BOECKER, AVENTUS and NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING. Customers requiring further information about on-site spare parts analysis are invited to contact Rolf Vossloecker,, or Klaus Reinhardt,


Rolf Vossloecker

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