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25.01.2021 Complete packaging line commissioned from a distance of over 4000km

BEUMER Group, Beckum, Germany, has successfully commissioned remotely a packaging line for the cement manufacturer Norm LLC in Azerbaijan, which had hitherto been almost completely erected on site. This line consists of two bag transport systems, the layer palletizer BEUMER paletpac 5000 and the BEUMER stretch hood A packaging line. "All components were already completely installed. Only some electrical installations and commissioning still
had to be carried out when our experts had to leave the country due to the worldwide travel restrictions", explained Peter Teichrib, departmental manager.

On the hardware side, several IP cameras provide the necessary overview of the complete system, while BEUMER Smart Glasses, specially developed data glasses (see EBS News for week of 23 November 2020) , connect the BEUMER experts audiovisually to the user on site. "A broadband Internet connection is, of course, required," said Teichrib. The data glasses allow a detailed view: The BEUMER customer support team sees the same thing as the wearer on site and can directly specify the correct actions to be taken. In this way, the user is guided step by step through the commissioning process.

The cameras and BEUMER Smart Glasses are part of the plug-and-play system for remote commissioning. This also includes a WLAN router for the Smart Glasses and a VPN client installed on an mGuard router. The IP cameras must be connected via LAN cable to ensure sufficient image quality and stable transmission. "First, we installed the hardware and software components in our factory and tested the configuration. The complete package has been shipped to Norm LLC," said Teichrib. This procedure has shown itself to be effective and is also planned for future remote commissioning projects.

BEUMER set up a separate back office for this project at short notice: using four monitors and a laptop, the service staff always had an overview of the images from the IP cameras, the field of view of the Smart Glasses and the data of the system sent via the VPN client.

The remote commissioning of the packaging line at Norm LLC has shown that with adequate framework conditions, such as well-trained maintenance personnel and technically high-quality IT equipment, new ground can be broken.

On site, BEUMER Smart Glasses, a smart phone and a laptop provide an audio-visual connection to the manufacturer’s German head office

























The customer had already carried out 20% of the electrical installation and during remote commissioning the BEUMER customer support team checked and directed all steps from a distance of more than 4000km with the help of Smart Glasses

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