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17.01.2022 Schenck collaborates with Lontra on development of novel pneumatic conveying system

Schenck Process GmbH, Darmstadt, Germany, will partner with UK-based Lontra, employing the British company’s compressor technology to operate a brand-new lean phase conveying system.

This partnership sees Lontra’s LP2 blower, featuring its innovative Blade Compressor® technology (described in EuroBulkSystems in 2017), providing low-pressure air supply for Schenck Process’s new conveying system.

Lontra’s technology has already shown itself to be up to a third more efficient than traditional compressor technologies. Schenck Process saw the potential of Lontra’s technology in 2019 and co-sponsored Lontra’s participation at Comvac, the world’s largest compressed air trade show.;


Lontra LP2 blower features the company’s advanced Blade Compressor® technology

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