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02.05.2022 Elevator buckets engineered for maximum durability and efficiency

4B Group, Leeds, UK, a leading global supplier of bucket elevator and conveyor components, has launched the Nylathane™ line of robust elevator buckets.

Nylathane is a high-performance polyamide 6 (Nylon 6) based polymer that is toughened through the addition of an elastomer. Typical applications include ultra-high performance elevator buckets for high impact and high wear resistance industrial applications. Using Nylathane in lieu of steel can reduce part weight by as much as 75%. Lighter buckets can prolong the life of costly components such as elevator belting or chain, as well as helping to reduce energy consumption of the equipment.  Personnel safety while handling the parts is also enhanced. Nylathane possesses anti-stick properties that help improve bucket fill and discharge efficiency, and static conductive properties that help improve safety when conveying materials that generate combustible dust.

Nylathane is available for AA, AC, and MF style buckets which are compatible with belt or chain bucket elevators.


4B AA Nylathane buckets















4B AC Nylathane bucket


















4B MF Nylathane buckets

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