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30.05.2022 Innovations at CERAMITEC [1]

Gustav Eirich Maschinenfabrik, Hardheim, Germany, will be exhibiting on Stand 301, Hall C1 at CERAMITEC 2022 which takes place 21-24 June in Munich. The company’s focus will be on green hydrogen, digitisation as well as efficient and sustainable preparation methods.

The company emphasises that rising energy prices and resource scarcity continue to dominate day-to-day business in the ceramics industry. In these times, Eirich offers a varied range of solutions on the path to a climate-neutral future.

At this year’s CERAMITEC – the world’s leading trade fair for the ceramics industry – Eirich will be presenting innovations and technologies that are designed to enable more cost-effective production despite the ongoing rises in energy prices. Here, solutions from the company will focus on ways to reduce energy costs and energy-related CO2 emissions. Only processes that offer an advantageous energy balance will be able to establish themselves in the long run, and in the challenge to meet these goals, hydrogen is currently favoured as the primary energy source of the future. “If we are to make a success of implementing the energy transformation, this can only be done with the aid of efficient, high-quality, and environmentally sound preparation processes. With our solutions, we want to contribute to this process and highlight new ways for this important industry that will enable manufacturers to save energy and produce more cost-effectively,” commented CEO Stephan Eirich. For the family-run company, digitisation is another important topic. “The optimisation of production processes and intelligent networking of production lines are important steps on the path to greater efficiency and sustainability. They create flexible production structures, which are of vital importance in such a dynamic market.”

Among latest Eirich developments on show will be:
-    High-performance preparation units for technical ceramics – the fastest growing field in the industry. The rising demands placed on specialist ceramics products require innovative solutions and strict compliance with regulations on material purity. This makes Eirich mixers a popular choice for the preparation of oxide and non-oxide ceramics or for composite materials. In the new CleanLine C5 laboratory mixer, these special methods can be tested under a hygienic atmosphere. The new mixer can handle all the basic operations of homogenising, granulating, plasticising, cooling, and heating, as well as suspension and reaction processes. All these capabilities are available from just a single machine.
-    Boosting energy efficiency and saving resources with the Eirich EcoPrep® method, which produces high-quality and cost-effective pressed granules for tiles and delivers up to 60 percent energy savings compared to wet processing systems, as well as reducing the amounts of raw materials and additives that are required in the process. With this, Eirich offers an eco-friendly alternative for preparation technology.
-     Eirich MixSolver® dispersion and dissolving technology is claimed to significantly
reduce preparation times. Slurries prepared using this method can be processed immediately after the hybrid mixing process.
-    Competent advice on the preparation of all types of compounds and all consistencies, including mixing, pelletising, granulating, kneading, drying, and fine grinding, as well as on the preparation of compounds for dry pressing, moist pressing, isostatic pressing, extruding, die casting, slip casting, and film casting.
-    For advanced applications: EvacMix® for Ex-protection, hot mixing etc. These units make it possible to re-dry mixtures containing water or solvents in the mixer / kneader, including under vacuum or in Ex-proof applications.
-    With digital solutions from Eirich, companies can implement new ways to control and organise the entire value creation chain. In the era of Industry 4.0, automation, optimisation of production processes, and intelligent networking of lines/systems boost both efficiency and sustainability. This allows Eirich to offer its customers enhanced service and barrier-free accessibility with the latest technologies – all from a single source.


The Eirich MixSolver has been specially developed for preparation of solids-rich, pasty and highly viscous compounds, while delivering high quality and especially economical results

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