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22.08.2022 Trends from batch size reduction and process intensification to inline and slurry production

The trends presented at the ystral stand at POWTECH include cleaning without cleaning agents, process intensification and process integration, the reduction of batch sizes as well as the development from batch to inline process and from scratch to slurry production.

“The advancement of process technology is of course also characterised by mega trends such as digitalisation, Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory”, said ystral’s process engineer Dr Hans-Joachim Jacob. “However, the trends in mechanical process technology selected by us mainly aim at making visitors to the trade show aware of possibilities which they did not know anything about up to this point.”

At its stand (3A-329), ystral will show how, against the background of these trends, altered process-related requirements can be implemented with innovative mixing and dispersion technologies. The company will present, amongst others, a big-bag tower with the optimised discharge aid Flex FSA for emptying poor-flowing powders without residue, as well as the inline powder wetting and dispersing machine YSTRAL Conti-TDS 3.

With the YSTRAL Multipurpose X100, ystral also introduces a flexible multipurpose disperser which can be used for different tasks such as jet stream mixing, dispersing as well as mixing and dispersing processes and for the inducting and wetting of powders, through simple replacement of the tool shaft. Dispersers of the YSTRAL Multipurpose series are used in chemical, food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical production.

Furthermore, the mixing and dispersion technology specialist will showcase the newly developed powder dispersing system YSTRAL BATT-TDS, which reduces manufacturing times for the production of lithium-ion-electrode slurries in battery production from currently between two and six hours to just a few minutes.

ystral designs and manufactures mixing, dispersing and powder wetting machines as well as process plants that are employed worldwide in the chemical, paint and coatings, food, pharma and cosmetics industries, as well as for battery  production

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