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09.01.2023 Mixer assists new protein bar development

With the growth in protein bar retail value expected to double in the coming years to 14% CAGR (2019-2023), a leading UK whey ingredient supplier needed a pilot size mixer that could conduct trials during their development phase - to replicate large scale industrial production methods. This was in preparation for the launch of a new protein bar ready-to-mix product.

The customer’s bakery mixers, used for similar pilots, were not able to mix the dense ingredients of whey protein isolate and dairy proteins sufficiently to be effective. The company required a high torque kneading and folding mixer that could  effectively mix 5kg batches.

Winkworth recommended its stainless steel MZ10 high shear mixer, suitable for mixing, kneading and blending of dense materials for development. Featuring twin heavy duty Z blades and a manually operated hydraulic tilting mechanism, the 10 litre capacity of Winkworth’s range of laboratory and pilot mixers are small enough to reduce waste, yet large enough to be representative of production reality. This accurate representation of production performance typically provides a scalable outcome prior to full capital investment.

“The MZ10 is ideal in this case,” says Winkworth’s technical director, Tim Simpson. “Being able to mix small batches means that it is perfect for pilot studies and trials, and with its high torque capability it’s more than capable of mixing dense material. Of course, once the pilot has successfully concluded, we can provide customers production scale mixers up to 1500 litres batch volumes as required, and larger on request. For the protein/energy bar market specifically, several companies have adopted our larger scale Winkworth Z Blade production mixers, which have proved ideal. ”


Winkworth’s stainless steel MZ10 high shear mixer

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