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06.03.2023 Pre-engineering - to speed up execution

With customised pre-engineering, supported by trials in one of the test centres, Gericke is enabling its customers put their investment decisions “on a solid basis”.

In the planning phase, the focus is on developing the right process solution and selecting the appropriate machinery and equipment. This can be for new systems - or the modernisation and expansion of existing plants. Often, engineering in existing plants brings additional challenges, with limited space and time frames when on-site work is possible, and to minimise downtime. 3D scans in conjunction with CAD are a perfect tool to plan adaptations to existing plants and installations. Upgrading existing facilities pay significant dividends, especially if energy consumption or waste volumes can be reduced and the level of automation increased.

Tests on an industrial scale reduce planning time and increase process safety. In Gericke’s test centres, customers can pneumatically convey their bulk material over more than 200 meters. It is also possible to conduct mixing trials on the highest capacity continuous mixing system in a test centre anywhere in the world. These types of tests will give results that the planning can rely on.

The data and learnings from the trials - combined with Gericke’s experience - form the foundation for creating various possible solutions. Beside the CAPEX also the operating costs and maintenance aspects as part of total costs of ownership are considered.

In existing plants and buildings, the installation is a critical cost and time factor as well. Only with knowledge of the selected equipment and process along with the available space, this can properly be calculated.

The process flow diagram is another important result of this step. By reviewing the feasibility, defining the process flow, selecting the equipment and planning the project execution, the customer gets a reliable basis to make a sound business decision that can be executed in a timely manner.

Gericke pneumatic conveying system




















Gericke reactor filling system

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