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13.03.2023 New detectors for fire protection in bulk solids processes.

In order to prevent fires and explosions in filters, conveyors, silos, mills, dryers or crushers compre-hensively and reliably, individually customized solutions are required. Each of the fire risks in the different plant areas can only be controlled with the most suitable detector. Therefore, comprehen-sive, reliable fire protection can best be realised with a holistic concept.

T&B electronic GmbH will be presenting its FSM multi-channel detector at the SOLIDS 2023 trade fair in Dortmund for system areas in which both sparks and embers can exist. This detector, certified by VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH, detects both sparks and embers. Previously, a specific detector was required for each.

If this combination detector is used in areas with spark and embers, the effort for installation and maintenance is reduced – with the same functionality and safety. Plant operators can invest this saving in the fire protection of downstream processes into which hot particles can be introduced.

T&B has developed the FST-lt hot particle detector for this application. This detector can detect even moderately hot foreign bodies in production areas from a temperature of 150degC. Useful applica-tions are, for example, packaging in pellet production, discharge from coolers or entry into silo sys-tems.

Another application is in recycling plants: Here, pre-damaged lithium-ion batteries can initially only develop an increased temperature, but can later ignite. This poses the risk of fire spreading, for ex-ample from the crusher to downstream production or storage areas. Thanks to early detection of this fire hazard with the FST-lt, plant operators can take preventive measures at an early stage.

T&B electronic GmbH will present its detectors and holistic protection concepts for the bulk solids industry at SOLIDS/Recycling-Technik 2023 on its stand U08 in Hall 7.


T&B electronic GmbH offers its customers a portfolio of different detector types – the right one for every process application.

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