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24.04.2023 Ash conditioner improves treatment of APCr

Solids handling equipment manufacturer, Ajax Equipment, has supplied one of the UK’s leading providers of resource management with an ash conditioner, including wear resistant mixing paddles and clean-in-place features, for the processing of Air Pollution Control Residues (APCr).

APCr is treated to convert it into a non-hazardous state suitable for storage. Effectively treating APCr requires thorough mixing of the ash with acidic liquor to ensure the materials are combined to homogeneity. Ajax achieves this by basing the design of its ash conditioners on its twin screwed continuous mixer, using spray bars to deliver a controlled supply of liquor directly where the mixing action is greatest.

As a result of the ash’s abrasive nature and Ajax’s experience, it was recommended that the paddles be produced from a wear resistant steel to ensure the performance of the conditioner. The fitting of the paddles also makes them easy to remove, minimising downtime should they need replacing.          

“Ashes such as APCr require careful handling due to the hazardous nature of the material,” says Eddie McGee, managing director, Ajax Equipment, “but also because if left it is likely to set in the conditioner, affecting its performance. To prevent material setting and minimise operator exposure the customer requested a clean in place system for the conditioner. Swivelling spray bars with profiled spray nozzles provide good cleaning coverage while the conditioner’s counterbalanced covers allow easy inspection internally.”

Ash conditioner for processing Air Pollution Control Residues


(Below) The paddles are produced from a wear resistant steel

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