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01.05.2023 Screw conveyors for Indorama Ventures Quimica

Solids handling specialist, Ajax Equipment, has supplied leading chemical producer, Indorama Ventures Quimica, with two stainless steel horizontal screw conveyors and a discharge chute for handling semicrystalline polymers at its Cadiz production site in Spain. Indorama is a major producer of isopthalic acid, a key chemical additive in the manufacture of PET for packaging.
The complex production process demanded the equipment be designed to ASME 8 and PED category 4 – module G, and therefore design and manufacture has been under the authority of a UK/EU Notified Body. The screw conveyors both utilise LynFlow ribbon flights, designed to provide powder transfer and prevent product build-up. This unique flight form allows for process gas flow through the system. The Ajax conveyors share a common off set discharge chute.


One of the two stainless steel screw conveyors supplied to Indorama Ventures Quimica

(Below) The Ajax discharge chute

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