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08.05.2023 Automated pouch line increases production

Packaging and robotic automation company, RMGroup, recently installed an automated pouch line at US-based Buckman's Inc., one of the largest suppliers and distributors of swimming pool chemicals, water treatment chemicals and ice melt products in the Eastern US. The investment, which is Buckman’s 5th robotic system from RMGroup, automates the packing process of various-size pouches of pool sanitization chemicals.

Aiming to increase production and boost efficiencies without adding to staffing costs, Buckman’s new line needed to package up to 12 pouches per minute, in weights ranging from 2 to 10lbs, into 3 varying case sizes. Following a proposed solution, RMGroup provided Buckman’s with a digital twin of the pouch line to provide assurance that the system would meet their requirements.

Once approved, the final installation included a Lantech automatic case erector to convey cases into the loading position of the pick and place cells, where two ABB IRB 1600 robots picked pouches using vacuum end-of-arm tools, to place them into the cases. Once a case is full, it is sealed with a tape sealer and labels are applied prior to being transferred to the end-of-line robot palletizer - an ABB IRB 660 palletizing robot with a vacuum gripper head. The robot is complemented by RMGroup’s 2-on-the-floor palletizing configuration. Two pallet loading positions allow operators to remove completed pallets safely from one cell while the robot continues to palletize in the other.

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