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04.09.2023 Rayman - celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2023

Rayman spol. s r. o. of Kladno, the Czech Republic, is this year celebrating its 30th anniversary. Since it was set up in 1993, the family-owned engineering firm has focused on “innovation, reliability and excellence in the pneumatic conveying industry.”

“Established with a vision to deliver cutting-edge engineering solutions,” the company notes, “Rayman has grown from a small venture to an important player in the central European engineering landscape. Over the past three decades, it has consistently demonstrated its commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and sustainable practices.”

Martin Rayman, the company’s CEO, notes: "We are thrilled to commemorate this remarkable milestone in our journey. Our success is the result of the unwavering dedication and hard work of our team members, the trust of our clients, and the unwavering support of our owners. Very important have been pneumatic conveying technical grounds laid by our grandfather Mr. Vaclav Rayman, especially middle-pressure system with Flow-Feeders."

Over the years, Rayman has successfully undertaken and completed numerous complex projects relating to pneumatic conveying systems, including energetics, cement industry, lime and limestone industry, manufacturing, and more. Its skilled workforce, state-of-the-art technology, and strong emphasis on pneumatic conveying parts and systems development have played a pivotal role in its continued growth and success.

Rayman confirms that it is “determined to expand its presence in the European market, forge new partnerships - and contribute to the advancement of the engineering industry.”

In celebrating its anniversary, Rayman’s management has taken the opportunity to “extend heartfelt gratitude to all employees, clients, partners, and owners who have contributed to the firm's success over the past 30 years”. Their support and collaboration have been instrumental in shaping the company's journey and achievements, Rayman notes.

Over the past five years, the process of handing the business over to the next generation of the family has been completed – with very few personnel changes. This has allowed the business to be kept in the hands of the family - and allows it to continue offering the high level of technical solutions and services.


A 3D model of the company´s “Top Fluid” pneumatic conveying system

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