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06.11.2023 A “symphony of technology”

Haver & Boecker is using the analogy of an orchestra – representing a "symphony of technologies" – to describe its depalletizer, bag applicator and packer, which are digitally interconnected and centrally controlled, intended to ensure a consistent and steadily high-performing packing process.

The entire packing system is controlled fully automatically by the bags to be filled. By scanning the QR code of an empty bag, the line receives the information on which product type is to be filled into this bag design. All components of the line and also the product supply adjust fully automatically to this information and this type.

The process: After scanning, the new Amicus depalletizer picks up the specified bag stacks from the pallet and places them on the holding table at the Radimat. The bag scanner in the Radimat reads the QR code for checking and for data transfer to the Quatro System Monitoring. Next the bags are automatically shot onto the spouts of the Roto-Packer fully automatically, then filled and conveyed.

Different types of bags can be used, which are provides with an QR code. The code contains the information with which product the bags are filled and gives the entire process even more security. The Roto-Packer can be equipped for sealing the bag valves after filling.


Haver & Boecker’s symphony of technologies

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