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06.11.2023 10 Years of Vadias, Lindner Washtech Eandrema

Lindner Washtech and Bulgarian plastics recycling company Vadias Recycling are looking back on a 10-year anniversary and, together with Erema, on a successful partnership that has lasted just as long. Back in 2013, when the company had already more than 5 years of experience in the industry, Vadias commissioned the first-ever Lindner Washtech washing line, which was then put into operation in 2014, followed by a second unit just a few years later. Erema extruders have been used for granulate production ever since then.

The increased use of plastics in a range of industries, in particular the packaging sector, led to a strong upturn in the recycling industry in the 2010s. Legal provisions, regulations and collection systems began to take shape, the concept of the circular economy and sustainable resource management gained in importance, and the international trade with plastics waste began to grow. Together with Lindner Washtech and Erema, Vadias Recycling recognised the changes on the market and the importance of recycled plastics early on.

From the very start, the focus of Vadias, a plastics recycling company headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, was on LLDPE & LDPE packaging film, already produced in large quantities at the time. Essentially, these are plastics and/or packaging materials that today are primarily sourced from the dual system and that generally have a high degree of contamination. In addition to organic residue, most films also come with labels and residue of aluminium film. The process starts with cleaning and processing plastic flakes and continues all the way to extrusion, with the underlying concept, the washing components and the wash quality being crucial factors.

The first system for processing packaging film was designed for 1,000 kg/h – the second one, supplied in 2018, for 1,500 kg/h.

With the foundation of Blueone Solutions in August 2023, Lindner and Erema made it their goal to adapt their individual process steps in plastics recycling to their mutual requirements in order to use synergies more efficiently. Ten years ago, Vadias first opted for the Lindner Washtech/Erema duo.

In total, Vadias today processes 4,000 tonnes of raw material and produces 2,850 tonnes of granulate every month.

From the very start, the focus of the Bulgarian recycling company Vadias Recycling was on the recycling of LLDPE & LDPE films from the dual system – that is, plastics film with a high degree of contamination and soiling. The Lindner Washtech concept and its shredding, washing and drying components make the flakes perfectly prepared for the downstream processes.










Vadias, Lindner Washtech and Erema look back on a successful 10-year partnership. In addition, Vadias and Lindner Washtech both celebrate their 15th and 10th company anniversaries. Clemens Kitzberger (Erema Group), Jochen Zweckmayr (Erema), Asparouh Asparouhov (Vadias), Vasil Asparouhov (Vadias), Harald Hoffmann and Georg Krenn (Lindner Washtech).

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