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06.11.2023 New vibration sensor from 4B Group

4B Group has unveiled the Vibmil Vibration Sensor (VIBMIL), a condition monitoring solution designed for continuous monitoring of vibration levels and temperature in industrial environments and hazardous areas up to ATEX/IECEx Zone 20 and Class II Div 1.

VIBMIL is a current loop-powered accelerometer, delivering vibration RMS velocity readings through a 4-20 mA output. It is encased in a stainless-steel enclosure with a 3/4in NPT thread for conduit connection. It can be supplied with optional inbuilt NTC or PT100 temperature sensors.

The VIBMIL comes equipped with a female 1/4in-28 UNF mounting thread, allowing secure attachment using screws, studs, or mounting studs. Optional converters to M8 and M6 male threads are available.

Integration into control systems is achieved, thanks to the 2-wire, loop-powered accelerometer, providing linearized output from 4 – 20mA, proportional to the sensor's measuring range.

“The VibMil has been designed with our core markets in mind”, explains Sam Payne, 4B Group CTO for electronics. “The mandatory requirement to have ATEX / IECEx / Class II Div 1 approved products within dust hazard location means that many similar products on the market are not suitable.  The VibMil can be installed with confidence within the most demanding dust hazard areas.  Also, the added temperature sensor option means the condition monitoring applications which were previously surface temperature only, can now add that extra level of analysis and visibility of the running state of a machine.”


The 4B VIBMIL Vibration Sensor

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